1. should I outsource recruitment?

Evolving compliance requirements, the skills gap, a growing freelance population and a thriving HR technology landscape are adding complexity to the way companies engage contingent talent. If your company is like many others today, you’re facing a familiar question: do we have the infrastructure and internal resources we need to manage our contingent workforce, or should we call in outside experts?

What are the pros and cons of managed services programs (MSP)?

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2. what is MSP and how does it work?

Your flexible workforce, accelerated by a wave of technological innovation, can help your company remain agile in these disruptive times. But do you have the visibility, control and oversight required to ensure your company is using the most effective talent suppliers and getting the best rates? How can you ensure compliance and a positive talent experience?

Many HR and procurement leaders look to MSP with a goal of cost savings, but an MSP solution can deliver much more. Download the MSP Playbook to learn about the benefits, read practical use cases and get tips for building a business case.

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3. how much can MSP save your company?

Understanding the potential impact of an MSP on your business can be complex. That's why Randstad Sourceright has developed the MSP Business Case Calculator. All you need is five minutes to find out how much your organization could save. You can even model different options to support decision-making about your MSP. If you don't have all the details, it's no problem — we'll use industry averages to help you build your business case. So, what are you waiting for?

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4. MSP in action: see case studies.

Now that you know how outsourcing contingent workforce management can transform your results, see how MSP is making a positive impact for businesses around the world. Select the topics that are most relevant for your company to see what you can achieve.

> boosting business agility

Learn how a consumer products provider quickly responds to spikes in talent demand, boosts its contingent worker experience and has saved more than $1.5 million in less than three business quarters.

> improving visibility and compliance

Find out how this global asset management firm is improving contingent workforce planning, enhancing compliance and cutting costs with an MSP talent model.

> freelance management innovation

Get the details on why this global beverage company expanded its MSP nationally and embarked on a total talent journey that includes freelance talent management in this case study.

> SOW talent management

Read how SOW talent management is helping this global technology leader centralize processes for greater control, visibility, security and cost savings.

5. ready to think about your permanent talent strategy?

Do you know what strategic sourcing and recruitment methods work best in a talent scarce market? Do you have talent analytics in place to help you make critical business and workforce decisions? Are you implementing the HR tech that will give your company a competitive recruitment advantage across industries? 

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