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how HR tech is powering recruitment.

Insights. Personalization. Agility. That’s what it takes to win talent in today’s competitive market. So it’s only logical that companies are turning to the ever-growing HR technology landscape to help accelerate their recruitment processes.

But HR tech is also a great equalizer, and over-automating talent acquisition can actually set you behind. So what strategies are your peers using to set the right balance of tech and the human touch? How are they making decisions about where AI and automation can really make a difference?

Find out in the Q3 2018 issue of Talent Trends Quarterly. Based on survey responses from more than 800 C-suite and talent leaders around the globe, you’ll learn how employers expect AI and automation to impact talent, which recruitment tasks they want to automate, and how prepared organizations are to leverage these smart technologies.

what’s inside:

#1 data on how employers are using HR tech to attract, source, screen, engage and win the best talent in a competitive environment

#2 insights on how companies are using technology and the human touch in the recruitment cycle today

#3 actionable tips for successfully implementing smart technologies at your organization

#4 the opportunity to benchmark your company’s HR tech strategy against the market

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