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The Randstad Sourceright Talent Transformation Challenge*


Are you struggling to align your talent with business goals? Is your talent pipeline your biggest obstacle to growth? Are you looking for new ways to prepare your workforce for the impact of technology and automation?

Join the Talent Transformation Challenge to see how a smart talent strategy can supercharge your organization.

Randstad Sourceright is launching our first-ever ‘Talent Transformation Challenge,’ which offers businesses and non-profit organizations across the U.S. a chance to win a complete overhaul of their talent model.

We are looking for one not-for-profit organization and one corporate entity that are in need of a talent strategy makeover to better prepare for a successful future.

With our proprietary Step>Edge>Ahead consultancy model, we have pioneered a framework that is easy for organizations to adopt and implement, helping employers to continuously transform their talent strategies in line with shifting business and market conditions.

*Only U.S.-based companies are eligible to participate.

rules of entry.

  1. All entries must be submitted using the official online entry system by September 13, 2019.
  2. The winners will be announced on September 13, 2019.
  3. Entrant acknowledges the right of Randstad Sourceright to use it for exhibition, promotion and publication purposes in any medium.
  4. The manner and details of announcing the winners is within the discretion of Randstad Sourceright.
  5. Entrants agree to cooperate fully with Randstad Sourceright and their representatives as part of the consultation process.
  6. By entering Talent Transformation Challenge, you agree for your organization’s logo to be used on all related websites and marketing materials should your firm be selected.
  7. Due to the volume of entries, we cannot provide individual feedback on entries and reserve the right not to do so.
  8. The Talent Transformation Challenge can promote the case studies of the winners after clarifying which data is sensitive and should be excluded.
  9. Winners will have the right to promote themselves as such. All such activity must be approved by Randstad Sourceright before publication.
  10. The Talent Transformation Challenge takes no responsibility for incidental costs incurred by entrants.

By entering your submission, you agree to the rules of entry.