recruiting top talent in an age of fast-paced technological disruption

What disruptive technology will impact the IT industry most in the coming years?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the most exciting thing that is happening in the IT industry right now, garnering huge attention from tech giants including Cisco, Intel and General Electric. Analysts estimate by 2020 the number of connected “things” will be more than 50 billion worldwide and the IoT will soon become a multi-trillion dollar business opportunity.

How does the IoT redefine the skills required for the future IT workforce?

Although the IoT promises to be a job bonanza for IT developers, it also requires a new set of knowledge and skills that set an IoT developer apart from other conventional developers. Must-have competencies include knowing multiple programming languages, striving for a level of expertise in as many aspects of the software development lifecycle as possible, and feeling confident working in a multi-disciplinary, cross-functional team. In other words, to work in an IoT-driven environment, IT developers must evolve from being a specialist to being a “renaissance developer”.

What is the outlook for talent supply-demand?

If you thought hiring a talented software engineer was tough on HR, wait until you need to recruit an all-round IoT developer. There is a significant shortage of IoT-friendly skills in the talent marketplace and the wider adoption of the IoT in enterprises will only further exacerbate the problem.

What approach should organizations take to close the skills gap?

Today’s technology is advancing so fast that it’s difficult for HR to keep up with and understand the niche technical skills those technologies require. This knowledge gap between IT hiring managers and HR can result in increasing time-to-hire, poor hires and unfilled jobs. To recruit top talent in an age of fast-paced technological disruption, I believe HR and IT need to work more closely than ever to help HR better understand the technologies the company looks to deploy, clearly define the knowledge and skills required to adopt those technologies, and ultimately identify and hire the most qualified candidates.


Arjen van der Valk, Development Manager, IT Industry vertical, Randstad Global Client Solutions

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