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permanent talent strategy (RPO)


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build your recruitment strategy business case.

Do you know what strategic sourcing and recruitment methods work best in a talent scarce market? Do you have talent analytics in place to help you make critical business and workforce decisions? Are you implementing the HR tech that will give your company a competitive recruitment advantage across industries? These are the elements you’ll need to drive your business strategies forward.

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when your internal resources aren't enough.

Talent scarcity, demand for digital skills, the growing freelance population and a thriving HR technology landscape are adding complexity to the way companies source, screen and hire people. Here's what you should ask to develop a recruitment strategy that delivers skilled talent when you need it. 

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what is RPO and how does it work?

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) may be your answer to more effective sourcing, better access to talent, an authentic employer brand, workplace diversity and inclusion, a solid HR tech and talent analytics strategy, and more. Get your playbook for full insight on how it works and how to get started.

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how much are you wasting on recruitment now?

Understanding the potential business impact of your talent acquisition strategy can be complex. That's why we developed this business case calculator. All you need is five minutes to find out how much your organization could save with a different approach.* So, what are you waiting for?

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*If you have an existing RPO program or selective RPO services in place, this calculator will not provide an accurate business case for elevating or changing your program. Please contact one of our RPO experts directly by clicking here.

build your contingent workforce management business case.

Do you have full visibility of the contingent talent that your company currently engages? Is your organization considering all types of contingent staffing — including freelancers, independent contractors and SOW talent — to access the skills you need? Are you taking advantage of HR technologies and talent analytics for more effective workforce planning and talent engagement? The answers to these questions should be "yes," if you want to drive your business forward.

Explore the 3-point roadmap below to understand how you can make an impact with your contingent workforce management strategy, and to build your managed services program (MSP) business case.




are you sure your internal resources are enough?

The growing contingent workforce and a thriving HR tech landscape deliver better access to talent and greater agility. But, they also create complexity when it comes to spend, compliance and talent quality. Determine how to best manage your contingent workforce with these four questions.

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what is MSP and how does it work?

Do you have the visibility, control and oversight required to ensure you're using the most effective talent suppliers and getting the best rates? How can you ensure compliance and a positive talent experience? Get your playbook to understand how MSP works, the challenges it can solve for and how to get started.

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how much are you wasting on contingent talent management?

Rogue spend, lack of full workforce visibility and a low-accountability supply chain add cost and complexity to your contingent workforce management strategy. Use this calculator to understand the potential impact of MSP on your business. All you need is five minutes to find out how much you could save. 

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how are other talent leaders making a business impact?

Now that you know how RPO and MSP can transform talent strategy, see how these talent acquisition models are making a positive impact for businesses around the world. Explore these success stories to see what you can achieve. 

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