Everest Group Research Report
integrated talent solutions from AMN Healthcare + Randstad

a game changer for talent acquisition for U.S. healthcare providers.

40% of human capital leaders say talent scarcity has the biggest impact on their business. And the pandemic has only made the skills gap larger. How can healthcare systems beat talent scarcity and keep up with demand?

Instead of having to work with multiple providers to meet your hiring needs, imagine an integrated talent solution that covers both clinical and non-clinical roles, across both the permanent and contingent workforces.

The Everest Group, a leading management consulting firm, has released a report on the U.S. healthcare industry and the positive impact on talent acquisition brought on by an integrated talent approach from AMN Healthcare and Randstad.

Twelve healthcare systems across the U.S. have benefited from combining their clinical and non-clinical talent strategies through the AMN Healthcare and Randstad partnership. Apart from getting talent faster and more cost efficiently, these organizations also enjoy other value-added services, such as services procurement and site management.

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  • current healthcare talent acquisition trends, such as the increasing supply-demand gap, the impact of COVID-19, the increased demand for technology-led roles and more
  • advantages of an end-to-end talent acquisition strategy including permanent and contingent for clinical and non-clinical roles
  • updates on the impact created by the AMN Healthcare and Randstad partnership on the broader healthcare talent acquisition market

AMN and Randstad

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